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Compliance is messy. We’re here to make it simple.

Luckily, we have you covered with policies and procedures that make compliance simple, easy, and efficient. Proactive instead of reactive support means you can be confident in the fact that your company is compliant, safe, and has it’s ducks in a row. To offer you the best possible security, we have a step-by-step process that guides you through each stage of protected HIPAA security.

How do you trust that what’s out there is truly helping your business? Unfortunately the question is not if a breach will happen, but when. Whether it’s from a hacker, employee, vendor or even a nasty competitor, the probability of a breach is high. If your infrastructure has not been designed to help minimize the risk, you may be in danger and wont know until it’s too late. At SkyPort IT, we recognize that organizing your infrastructure can be time consuming.


1. HIPAA Secure Now!

HIPAA Secure Now! is the first comprehensive and affordable HIPAA Security service.  They provide you with the tools, information and training you need to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.


2. HIPAA Audit

SkyPort IT offers HIPAA audits in addition to Network, Security, and PCI-DSS audits. We strive to make sure your company is following proper policies and procedures.


3. Managed Security Services

Multi-level, multi-layered protection to keep your peace of mind. We offer services such as domain protection, off-site email filtering, firewall protection, patching, and more.


4. HIPAA Remediation

Our team here at SkyPort IT will assist you in rectifying any messy situations you may come across.


5. Monitoring & Reporting HIPAA Compliance

Proactive instead of reactive support means your company will receive notice of any issues before they arise.