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The first comprehensive and affordable HIPAA Security service.

HIPAA Secure Now! provides you with the tools, information and training that you will need to implement and comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.

As an example of their prowess, HSN managed to avoid a situation where a client could’ve been subjected to a fine for a breach—simply because HSN helped the client with everything to comply with regulations.

An investigator from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) stated in a response letter to the client breach that since they were using HSN along with an IT service, they had done all they could to comply with regulations. Therefore, the investigators found no reason to subject the client to a fine for a breach. Our Team at SkyPort IT has gone through HSN’s Training Program to be better able to provide for our customers.


What does their service include?

HIPAA Secure Now! consists of policies and procedures that address: administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. The service also provides Risk Assessment, HIPAA Security Training and Compliance Testing, and 12 Months of use for the HIPAA Secure Compliance Portal.

Why is this service beneficial to my company?

Risk Assessment findings provide valuable feedback and help in identifying security gaps.

How long will the set-up take?

For new customers, the set-up takes around 1-2 hours with the help of a team member who will guide you through the process.