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PDF of HIPAA Secure Now Booklet

Terms of Auto Renewal HIPAA Secure Now! Yearly subscription agreement between SkyPort IT, Inc at 900 Jefferson Rd, Ste P9, Rochester , NY 14623 and __________________________ located at ________________________________________________ with a total number of employees at all locations including part-time, per diem, and other users of your systems ________. 

Client agrees that you hereby authorize but do not obligate, SkyPort IT to automatically invoice your account and renew the applicable service(s) on or before their renewal date using an open account invoice bill process or other acceptable payment information you have provided to SkyPort IT, Inc. unless you notify SkyPort IT that you do not wish to participate in SkyPort IT automatic renewal process. SkyPort IT must receive notification of your intent to not renew (opt-out) no later than sixty days (60) days prior to the renewal date. In the absence of such notification from you, SkyPort IT will automatically renew, for a period of one (1) year, as set forth by the original purchase, and will send an invoice for payment at SkyPort’s then current rates. That rate is not to exceed 3% of the total purchase unless notification to client no later than 60 days prior to renewal date. You are solely responsible for the invoice as a net 30 day term once received.

Acceptance of Auto Renewal for SkyPort HIPAA SecureNow Compliance Services.

PDF of Contract