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100% HIPAA-Certified, Over-protective & incredibly approachable

Dan Marcellus


(If needed, Dan can serve as the Chief Technical Officer for Your Company).

What he’s all about at SkyPort IT: Trying to be the best leader and grow the best company to work for in Upstate New York.  

Providing clients with the direction, management and cost-accounting for their managed security services and information technology needs.

Best part of the job: Making all the pieces fit. Integrating new technologies to meet the goals and strategies of the customer leadership team.

Most exciting thing about technology:Designing with new technology, and creating an environment for employee productivity and happiness while meeting the client strategic goals.

Proudest accomplishment:  Recovering a new client's data from a server that was damaged from a storm, and restoring it with new hardware over a weekend.

Favorite low-tech activities: Racquetball, community service, building stuff.

Favorite quote: “Men Plan and God Laughs.”

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy: Being a dad and husband. Council person, Town of Lima, NY. Lima Bed Race Organizer at Thinking and creating.


Susan Sheppard (2).jpg

Susan sheppard

Director, Marketing and Communications

What she's about at SkyPort IT:  Communicating with customers and external audiences about how SkyPort IT can help strengthen and fortify their data security, reducing their exposure to privacy violations and risk from hackers. 

Best part of the job:  Helping clients understand how to reduce their risks,improve their business operations, and save money by educating them on best practices for data security.

Most exciting thing about technology:  When used with integrity, technology is an enabler for better communication between all groups of people, and can be instrumental in improving education, increasing awareness of societal issues, and helping us to be connected on every level.

Proudest accomplishment: Raising my two sons to be productive young men. 

Favorite low tech activities:  Interior decorating, mentoring, walking my dog, traveling, snorkeling and hunting for sea shells.

Favorite quote:  "Que sera, sera."   Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, Songwriters

Mark Monteleone.jpg

Mark monteleone "monte"

Operations Manager

What he’s all about at SkyPort IT:
Providing the "Best in Class" customer experience.  Helping to find that little extra in everything we do so that our customers and staff know it’s a pleasure whenever they are connected with Skyport. 

Best part of the job: Helping to resolve obstacles for people.

Most exciting thing about technology: Autonomous everything! Someday soon when the world is ready; our work and personal time will expand because our everyday tasks will be predicted, consumed, and managed.  What will you do with all those extra hours in a day?

Proudest accomplishment: Personal: Family/Kids. Work: Delivering for a customer when I was told, "That’s impossible".

Favorite low-tech activities:Outdoors with my family away from the connected world…No worries: my personal AI assistant is managing everything else for me…see autonomous above!

Favorite quote: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won’t work" ….Thomas A. Edison

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy: Ubering’ my kids to their next adventure. Spending time with my wife, my kids, my friends. Shouldering others pain; even for a moment, so they may smile again.

Chris fisk

Systems Engineer

What he’s all about at SkyPort IT:Overseeing the technical design and output of Skyport IT and managing the solutions our customers need.

Best part of the job: Making the tech as enjoyable to use for the customer as it is for me.  If you’re fighting the computer network to get your job done, things are wrong.

Most exciting thing about technology: I find it amazing how much a tech can actually do.  From the simple things like allowing someone to keep up with their email by letting them get it on a tablet,  to the more complex tasks, where we’re securing data from unauthorized use, the sheer possibilities are fantastic.

Proudest accomplishment:  I went to a customer site that had lost a server holding important documents, and while doing a site audit, I found a machine that had been configured to cache some of the information to make it run faster.  Using our tools, I was able to pull the expired cache from that PC and recover a large portion of the files thought lost with the server.

Favorite low-tech activities: Swimming, roller blading and board games. There is nothing like a game night with family and friends playing Catan, Ticket to Ride or Telestrations.

Favorite quote: “In the beginning the Universe was created.  This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy: Working with the kids to give them my love of Technology.  There’s a difference between using technology and loving technology.  Catching up on Dr Who.

dawn 2015-018 CSM Skyport0041LR.jpg

Dawn smith

Administrative Manager

What she’s all about at SkyPort IT: I do AP/AR/HR, scheduling and I try to keep everyone in a positive frame of mind.

Best part of the job: I like paperwork and working with the customers.

Most exciting thing about technology: For me, being able to see news, weather, websites—right there on my phone!

Proudest accomplishment: My children.

Favorite low-tech activities: Gardening.

Favorite quote:  “It can always be worse.”

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy:  Being Mom and smiling at grumpy people.


Josh hubbard

Services Supervisor

What he’s all about at SkyPort IT: Getting all of the work done as quickly as I can.

Best part of the job: Seeing the unique designs for each customer site.

Most exciting thing about technology: It never stops moving forward.

Proudest accomplishment: Building a Beowulf Cluster to donate spare cycles for protein folding.

Favorite low-tech activities: Eating.

Favorite quote: “Mistakes make great gravel for the road to success.”

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy:  Sitting at home, playing around with new tech and games.


Tom Dobbin

Product Development Engineer

What he’s all about at SkyPort IT:
Using best practices to deliver the best possible product to the customer.

Best part of the job:
Dan. Best boss ever. He keeps the break room kitchen well-stocked.

Most exciting thing about technology:
Bigger power in smaller devices.

Proudest accomplishment:
Raising my dog. Such a good dog.

Favorite low-tech activities:
Long walks on the beach and bareback horse riding with a half buttoned shirt flowing in the wind.

Favorite quote:
"It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt." Mark Twain

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy:  Feeding dog. Taking dog out. Feeding dog. Taking dog out. Rinse and Repeat.


shelby bedzyk



Triage Technician

What he’s all about at SkyPort IT:
As Triage Technician, I touch nearly every ticket that gets reported. I’m all about the details. On a good day I’m the only person an end user works with and their problem is resolved in 15 minutes or less.

Best part of the job:
“You fixed it, Thank You!”

Most exciting thing about technology:
The electricity.

Proudest accomplishment:
Yet to be achieved.

Favorite low-tech activities:
Hearing and making sounds in the natural world. Building things with wood and tools. Driving a manual transmission. People watching.

Favorite quote:
“So it goes…” K. Vonnegut

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy:

Playing computer games and staying in touch with my family.

Mat Sulyma 2.jpg

Mat Sulyma


What he’s all about at SkyPort IT: Providing prompt and courteous Service for our customers.

Best part of the job:  Getting to work with my 2 favorite things, people and technology.

Most exciting thing about technology:It is constantly changing. There is always something new to learn.

Proudest accomplishment: Overclocking a 2nd Generation I7 CPU to 5.7GHz using a homemade passive water chiller.

Favorite low-tech activities: Fishing.

Favorite quote: “What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.”  Bob Dylan

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy: Building water-cooled gaming PCs. Who says water and electricity don’t mix.



K-9 Therapy

What she’s all about at SkyPort IT:
Upkeep of office morale.

Best part of the job: UPS Delivery Man. He’s my favorite.

Most exciting thing about technology:
Creation of artificial pancreas enzymes which keep me alive (my pancreas only half works).

Proudest accomplishment:
I once drank eight bowls of water and threw it all up on Tom’s office floor. He looked pleased.

Favorite low-tech activities:
Fetch. Nudging people for pets.

Favorite quote:
"Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog."
Franklin P. Jones (humorist and PR executive)

When I’m not busy being an IT hero, I’m busy: Eating food. Getting belly rubs. Eating food. Getting belly rubs. Rinse and Repeat.